Sky Auto INC Subaru WRX STi 2004-2017 LED Premium Blue Light Interior Package Kit (8 pcs)

A Clean and Consistent Light Color Give your car a modern and luxurious look. Plug and Play We work hard to ensure that the bulbs for the vehicle have the best fitment to save you time from having to up all the different sizes for your car. This allows for easy installation. Note: - If you are unsure about fitment please ask us so we can help you! - If it doesn't light up, just flip it 180 degrees then it should light up. - If you have any questions, please contact us for more details. - Picture provided are just a representation of different LED types/sizes available and their effect when lit. The LEDs included in the package may vary based on specific car requirements. - If a car light is already LED light, can't be replacement. - Please make sure that lights are off before you replace lights. Otherwise some cars would burn out the fuse . Please be careful.

  • Brand: Sky Auto INC
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SA-8-B
  • Folding: No